All museum facilities are operated strictly by volunteers. Visits to museum facilities are available by appointment.  To arrange a tour during off-hours, please call one of the phone numbers on the contact page and leave a message.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

The Richland Heritage Museum Foundation was organized in April 1984, as the result of caring and dedicated citizens.  Among the Foundation’s purposes, as set forth in the articles of incorporation, are:
  1. To establish a historical museum for Richland County, Illinois.
  2. To promote public interest in Richland County, Illinois, history.
  3. To inform and educate the public in Richland County, Illinois, history.
  4. To promote the interest and study by the general public of such other historical knowledge, facts and materials, relative to the State of Illinois and Midwestern history.
  5. To accept and acquire artifacts, properties in-kind or in cash, and real estate to promote the purpose of the foundation.

Richland Heritage Museum Foundation Mission

Coach Flanagan Thank You Note

Membership in the Foundation is open to any person or organization that is interested in the purpose of the Foundation, and makes an annual contribution to the foundation in the amount designated by the board of directors.

The Foundation was given a major boost when the late Mrs. Evelyn Cochran of Passport, Illinois, declared that, if a historical museum was organized in Olney, she would will her 98-acre farm and the income prduced by the farm would be placed in a fund for maintaining the museum.  With this solid footing in place, the early leaders realized it presented an opportunity and a challenge that surely could be accomplished with the positive thinking of the people of the community.

The Foundation was incorporated in April 1985, and tax-exempt status was acquired.  As other anonymous donations began to come in, the citizens of Richland County would realize they had the resources to acquire a historical museum that everyone could enjoy – especially the area’s youth.