View from Nursery Window of Heritage House

Great hometown memories.

Susan B., Sullivan, IL

Always see something new, always learn something.

Kathleen V., Olney

A wonderful glimpse of the past.

Carl & Debbie W., Claremont, IL

Thank you for volunteering to be teachers, so we get to know all about our heritage and all about the uniforms, World Wars and Civil War.  My favorite part was about the wars and uniforms.  Including my favorite was also about Charlie Tripp and how he wrote, carved and made a bed without arms or hands.

Brittany B., Fourth Grade student, Olney

Thank you for teaching us about the past and all about different kinds of stuff.  I also really enjoyed learning about Charlie Tripp and how he (knew) he (could) do anything.  It really entertained me a lot.  I really want to do it again!  Also, my favorite part of the field trip was that we got a chance to learn about all of the amazing people in life!  Everything that I learned is very cool and the field trip was something to do again!

Emily M., Fourth Grade Student, Olney

Wonderful, we’ll be back to spend more time.

Tim & Carolyn H., Brookhaven, PA

The Heritage House, Carnegie Museum and the McsBurg one-room schoolhouse was really cool.  I really liked the girl’s bedroom in the Heritage House and the Civil War stuff in the Carnegie Museum.

Tammy P., Fourth Grade student, Olney

A treasure to have here.

Zach, Emma & John S., Olney